Our Team

Lewis Rubenstein
Founder, President

Before launching Red Type Ink in 2010, Lewis spent 15 years as senior partner of Metaphor Books, an online retailer and consulting firm specializing in the marketing and sales of design, architecture and photography monographs. His fascination with all things Chinese began with his travels to the East and his university studies in the History of Asian Art and Philosophy.

Bryan Gee
Creative Director

Bryan is behind the graphic identity, packaging and product development for Red Type Ink. A designer and visual editor specializing in branding, art books and editorial design, he is currently an art director at the Globe and Mail and has held senior design positions at Bruce Mau Design, Saturday Night and The Art Gallery of Ontario. His lifelong interest in Asian art and popular culture make Red Type Ink a dream project.

Claire Christie
Director of Style

Claire is responsible for the presentation of the brand identity in the international marketplace. An independent curator, gallerist, writer and book designer with over 30 years of experience in contemporary art, Claire is captivated by the breadth and quality of images that Red Type Ink is introducing to a wide audience around the world.

David McIver
Digital Marketing Specialist

David is Red Type's digital marketing maestro who, when not obsessing over Google search results rankings, is busy crawling website code looking for artefacts. A frequent traveller to Asia, David is thrilled to provide navigation to Red Type, a hub of Chinese graphic culture.